Precious treasure

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Precious Treasure

In this beautiful, cold night
A poet decides to write his thoughts
Inspired by the muse he loves.
He reads and thinks,
He remembers precious moments,
The treasuredconversations with his loved one,
A letter, that wasn’t complex
But touched his heart in an indescribable manner.
The night continues
A bottle of water constantly touches his lips,
Millions of preciousmemories inspire him to keep going.
So many feelings but so few ways to express it.
He thinks, thinks, thinks,
How goddess-like her beauty is
How much his heart races when he sees her
When he triesto compliment her looking for words to describe her
But the only thing that he can think of is perfect
Perfection turned into a woman,
The most beautiful woman in the world.
He thinks about howkind she is,
That she worries herself about other people
About other god created creatures,
That her soul is pure,
That she helps people without expecting anything in return
That she helps thispoet to continue writing just by being who she is.
So much in the mind of the poet right now,
The two lovers always discuss who loves the other one more
An endless cycle of love,
A tie because theirlove is infinite and cannot be compared
They love each other more than they can say.
Another sip to the bottle of water
The night is darker, but that only means the sun is arriving.
A patientknight awaits
As his thoughts come through his fingers into this poem
Constantly thinking, thinking, thinking
Always feeling his heart beating with the memory of her.
Are these tears in my eyes?Yes. Maybe this is the expression I’m looking for
I love you so much, I cry when I can’t be with you,
I appreciate you so much,
I cry because you always help me and I do nothing to pay you back,
Iremember the dark times that tormented me
But that is nothing,
Everything is safe now,
Maybe your body is not near me,
But I can feel your heart beating next to mine,
A sway that joins two...
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