Prefijos y sufijos (ingles)

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Distinguished Members of the Swedish Academy:

We, the undersigned professors of literature of various universities inthe United States, have joined together to nominate the Chilean poet Nicanor Parra to the Nobel Prize in Literature.
First recipient of the distinguished Mexican Juan Rulfo Prize for Latino Americanand Caribbean Litertature in 1991, Nicanor Parra has been a pivotal forze in Latin American poetry since the publication of his Poems and Antipoems in 1954, a volume which promptly earned hire the titleof "antipoet" and established the genre of ant antipoetry as a force to be reckoned with. Not only has his influence been felt in Chile (where he has replaced Neruda as the yardstick against whichall poetry is measured) and throughout Latin America (in the colloquial, conversational poetry of linguistic collage of such poets as the Nicaraguan Ernesto Cardenal, the Peruvian Carlos Germán Belli,the Argentine Juan GeIman, and numerous others), but in the United States, especially in the work of the so-called Beat Generation (cf. Ferlinghetti , Ginsberg, Corso).
Using parody, irony, blackhumor, and the carnavalesque, antipoetry seek s to uncover the hypocrisy off all human institutions in an effort to affirm the relativity of truth. In a language steeped in coloquialisms and linguisticphrases drawn from the most diverse discourses (mass, communication, religion, law, commerce, science, folk song, jokes, other poetic texts), the subjective, lyric voice, of the poet gives way to themultiple voices of the populace. The poets have descended from Mount Olympus and poetry has been restored to the popular function it had in the days of the jongleur.
Nicanor Parra marked his eightiethbirthday on September 5, 1994. We strongly urge the Swedish Academy to recognize his significant contributions to world literature and understanding for, as Professor Frank MacShane of Columbia...
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