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Who were the Beatles?
The Beatles were a important musicians, they came from England, they were very famous.
Where did la familia burron live?
They live in a vecindad at Mexico city at the"Callejón del Cuajo número chorrocientos chochenta y chocho".
Who played the guitar in pink Floyd?
Bob klose
Who killed super man?
In the story, Superman engages in battle with a seemingly unstoppable killingmachine named Doomsday in the streets of Metropolis.[1] At the fight's conclusion, both combatants die from their wounds in Superman (vol. 2) #75 in 1992.
When did mafalda died ?
She died in 1970Claro que está bien viva, con su crítica social y sus ocurrencias.

What killed her ?
One version tells that she was killed by the world, other version tells that she was run over by a bus.
Whathappened to brainiac?
Chloe's healing power takes the injury of someone else and puts it on her. Then she heals like a phoenix. If Brainiac was just doing to her what he did to Lana... Part of him goesinto her which means that the affect it had on her... which was weaken her and make her ineffective... it reversed it and did the same to him. So he basically hurt himself!

Same goes for if he wastryin to kill her. If he was killing her... her power reversed the effect because part of him was going into Chloe. So again... Brainiac was killing himself while pulling the nutrients out of her becausehe was pulling nutirents out of himself!
Who wrote spider man?
Stan Lee is the writer of the first Spider-man comic
Who was bart’s simpson brother?
Hugo simpson was the twin brother of bart
Whoraised super man?
he is found and raised by Sam and Molly Kent
who killed robin?
He was killed by Jason
What did bane do to bat man?
He is an enemy of bat man, he knows he’s Id, and he let free all batman enemies from arkam,
Who wrote something?
is a song released by The Beatles in 1969. It was featured on the album Abbey Road, and was also the first song written by George Harrison
which was...
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