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Materials Management

1. In which of the following cases can you define scales for the condition type
a. Purchase order
b. Contract
c. Info record
d. Vendor
e. Quotation
f. Scheduling agreement

2. What is meant by one-time vendor?
You can create special master records for vendors from whom you only procure a material once or very rarely. These are called one-time vendor masterrecords and, in contrast to other master records, you can use a vendor master record for several vendors. Therefore, no vendor-specific data is stored for one-time vendors. You can control this using the relevant field selection for account groups for one-time vendors. When you create a purchasing or accounting document using a one-time vendor, the system automatically branches to an additionaldata screen on which you enter specific data, such as the vendor’s name, address, or bank details. If an RFQ or a PO is sent to a one-time vendor, the vendor data must be entered manually.

3. How do you control the use of Valuation class per material Type?
a. By valuation category
b. By Account group
c. By Account assignment Category
d. By Material Group
valuation category Criterion forthe separate valuation of different stocks of a material managed under a single material number.
Reasons for "split valuation" may include:
1. Quality
2. Batch
3. Degree of purity
4. Use or non-use in promotions
Account group Attributes which determine the creation of master records. The account group determines:
5. The data that is relevant for the master record
6. A number range fromwhich numbers are selected for the master records. An account group must be assigned to each master record.
Account assignment Category Consumable materials debit different account assignment objects depending on the account assignment category specified. The account assignment category determines which category of account assignment is to be debited and which account assignment data you have toprepare. Examples of account assignment categories include:
7. Asset
8. Cost center
9. Cost object
10. G/L account
4. With which master data the account group is used
a. Vendor master
b. Material Master
c. Info record
d. Outline agreement

5. What determines whether a material can be posted to a stock?
a. Material type
b. Material group
c. Material Status
d. MRP controllers
MRPcontrollers The person responsible for a group of materials within MRP in a plant or company. Any material that takes part in material requirements planning must be assigned to an MRP controller.
Material Status Indicator in a material master record that restricts the usability of a material. You can restrict the usability of a material for certain functions, for example, by assigning it the status"test part." Tables are used to define how the system is to respond in individual applications, for example, with an error message or a warning, in the case of unpermitted use of a material. You can define the material status for all plants (basic data view), or separately for each plant (plant view).

6. What does the account assignment category U stands for? When can we use this accountassignment category ?
If you do not know the account assignment object for which the consumable material is being procured when the requirement coverage request is created, you can use account assignment category U in the purchase requisition. The system does not require any further details about the account assignment for the relevant item in the purchase requisition.

7. What is the purpose ofCollective number in RFQ?
You can link a number of RFQs that belong together with the help of the collective number. The collective number can have a maximum of ten characters and can be alphanumeric.

8. What is release order? What is the difference between the release order and Purchase order?
A release order is a purchase order that references a contract. Contracts are outline agreements....
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