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Interview Questions
(for EPs)
Introduction : Personal Questions

 Tell us something about yourself/ your family?
i am a junior brother of 6. i live with my Parents in Simacota-santanderColombia. i'am Systems engineer, with many wishes of put into practice my knowledge.
 What are your hobbies? What are your intersts?
Read, liset to music, basketball, internet and no more.
 What are youstudying?
i'am Systems engineer
 What drives you in life?
the desire to learn something new every day.

Competency Based Questions

Performance Potential

 How do you feel about theeffort you put into your studies, and are you satisfied with your results?
very happy, because it got personal growth and professional.
 Do you have experience in organisational work?
1. If no, whynot?
2. If yes, which organisations?
In College Andres paez de Sotomayor. With Systems Enginieer, work in a project about the development of an information system for library and inventories.Aspiration

 How did you decide to go for an internship through AIESEC?
AIESEC give me the opportunity to put into practice my knowledge and develop other social skills such as leadership.
 Howwould an internship help you in the future?
where I can learn a lot and refine my skills
 Which factors motivate you in a work relationship?
respect, trust, support, good working environment.
Where would you like to go on internship and why?
any country, where you can experience another culture and learn from it.

 What kind of people do you find it most difficult to workwith? Why?
Any , becouse the work environment is make self
 What are some things you would like to avoid in a job? Why? How do you cope with them?
People closed. becouse is very difficult theinteraction. How. Communication.

 Describe a situation where you did not show respect to another individual?
No situation.
 How have you reacted to conversations between co-workers...