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  • Publicado : 26 de diciembre de 2011
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Cuestionario de Inglés

1. are sports at good you? 2. are how they old ? 3. America been have you to ? 4. today you seen have boss your ? 5. of a He a on tattoo arm snake his had / 6. at in I the of tears film end the was/ 7. upright against the wall ladder Put the 8. is ticket valid for week Your one bus 9. assistant the shop tomatoes The weighed 10. glass the must pay it Whoever for broke / 11. is more disease widespread The becoming / 12. money the into my account I bank paid / 13. will box be awkward carry This to big / 14. ice leg slipped his He the and on broke / 15. envelope knife slit with open a I the /16. tomatoes butter bought I some some and / 17. comes sources information Our many from / 18. its away bird and wings flew The spread / 19. wallpaper walls stripped I the the off / 20. substitute butter can You for margarine / 21. in job finally She succeeded a getting / 22. is surroundings farm The beautiful in / 23. suspicious story police The are her of / 24. school qualifications with left Heno / 25. telephone You bill get a quarter every / 26. are football reading interests My and / 27. that He he needs reassurance right is / 28. removed The from statue was museum the / 29. apples Nobody so picked the rotted they / 30. making The a children were row terrible / 31. its my head cat rubbed leg The against /


Cuestionario de Inglés

32. my the I on and knee wall fell scraped /33. with first He at in her sight fell love / 34. in fell river drowned and the boy The / 35. a buys and cassette a book student Each / 36. in the empty hall footsteps His echoed / 37. treats workers company fairly This its / 38. serious a in machine the fault is There / 39. buses in the evenings are There fewer / 40. tall a outside window the figure saw I / 41. filed the students classroom Theinto / 42. first the of year the month is January / 43. flying through the window stone A came / 44. the hit fell with a ground bump and He / 45. grow Coffee will in a cold climate not / 46. names The list was written in code of / 47. and The rain the sun came out stopped / 48. bomb They concealed the in a suitcase / 49. close We live conveniently to the shops / 50. robbery Murder are serious andcrimes / 51. a We stayed in delightful little hotel / 52. divided The book is into ten chapters / 53. died Thousands of people in the drought / 54. the can of this chair You adjust height / 55. applicants There the job six for were / 56. lying Her the room were around clothes / 57. too ice to is bear your thin weight The / 58. made The concrete blocks is of bridge / 59. some blew for the party We upballoons / 60. passport need cross the border You a to / 61. books I the library some from borrowed / 62. at actors end bowed of the the play The / 63. different There of dog many breeds are /

clothes (1) Relaciona cada palabra con su definición


Cuestionario de Inglés

cape glove dressing gown denim bib apron bra gown boiler suit dress handkerchief fur bikini cardigan blousedungarees coat
1. a piece of clothing that you wear over the front of your usual clothes in order to keep them clean, especially when cooking / /

2. a piece of cloth or plastic that a baby or small child wears under the chin to protect its clothes while it is eating/ / /

3. a piece of clothing, in two pieces, that women wear for swimming / 4. a piece of clothing like a shirt, that women wear / /5. a piece of clothing that you wear over your normal clothes to protect them when you are doing dirty work / / /

6. a piece of clothing that women wear under their other clothes to support their breasts / 7. a piece of clothing with no sleeves that hangs from your shoulders / /

8. a warm piece of clothing, often made of wool, which you wear on the top half of your body. It has long...
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