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1- Which is the marketing strategy of the company?
2- How does this strategy works?
3- Which is the impression people have of the company?
4- Does the company satisfy the customer?
5- How oftendoes the company change marketing strategy?
6- What is your value proposition?
7- What differentiates your product from the competitors'?
8- How much cash do you need to survive the early years?9- What are your strengths?
10- How big is the threat of new entrants?
11- How much power do your suppliers have?
12- What price will your customers pay?
13- How committed are you to making thishappen?
14- Can you tell me if my old stock certificate has any value?
15- What is the cost of living today compared with 10 years ago?
17- How can I get a sample business plan?
18- How can I getinformation on foreign exchange rates?
19- Where can I find the history of a company?
20- Where can I find standard industry ratios so I can compare the performance of company X to others in theindustry?
21- What are the benefits of a good business credit score?
22- What is your online contact information?
23- How long has your company been in business?
24- Does your company have aparent company or subsidiary companies?
25- Does your company, have a stable financial background and profile?
26- Does your company have a partner program for integrators?
27- Is your company widelyused in the market place?
28- Does your company have satisfied customers who can provide a reference? If yes, provide details.
29- What is the largest customer deployment?
30- Do you plan to remainopen source?
How did the company start?
31- Is your company covered by content management industry analysts?
32- Do you support the small or mid-size enterprise (SME) market? If so, describe how.33- Describe the company mission and goals.
34- What is your company vision for the enterprise content management market?
35- Describe your professional services organization
36- Describe the...
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