Preguntas: the taming of the shrew

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1.What is batistas plan concerning the marriage of his two daughters?
Batista is using the atention Bianca gets, by not allowing Bianca get married until Kate gets married this creates a lot ofproblems and jelousy between them.

2.How do Tanio and Lucentio plan to reach bianca?
Lucentio prtends to be a teachwer so he could get closer to Bianca and Tanio takes Lucentio's place

3.What isPretucious motive coming to padua?
He goes to padua to eventually get married

4.What type of language does Pretuciou uses to describe Kate when he is talking to Batista?
He talks in a very uniqueway with words and expresion fo doble meaning but he doesn't much to convenci Batistas to let him married his daughter since there wasn't nobody else who wanted to mary her

5.How does batistadecide wich person will mary Bianca?
He choses the person that had the most meney and wealthiness to offer him

6.How does Pretucio wins Kate?
He gave her a reason to behave the way she did and whentht happened she notice that she was wrong behaving like that for no reason at all and changed thanks to him

7.How does Pretucio dresses for his wedding and why?
He dresses horrible for his weddingand I think is because he wanted her to have more humility and be less arrogant

8.Why does Pretucio leaves the wedding's feast?
To show that he is in control and to begin the process of "taming"her

9.How Pretucio treats his servants when he gets to the house and what was kate reaction?
He normally treated them as drikin partners but when kate arrives he stars actin like she normally doestrowing stuff and yelling Kate is kind of surprised but the she realizes she is like that but the next morning she puts everythin in order and cleans the house from here we start to feel the changed10.Why does Pretucio tortures Kate with the new clothe?
He does this to meke her realizes how she made people feel when acting in this manner

11.How does Bianca gets married?
It was in...
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