Preguntas Y Respuestas De "The Queen And I" De Sue Townsend

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Chapter 1
1. Why do you think the Queen didn't want a Republican government to be elected?
Because if the Republicans won the elections, the English Monarchy would disappear.
2. What did Jack Barker tell the Royal Family about their new homes?
That they will live in a council house.
3. What did Jack Barker do with the Queen's crown and what do you think this signified?
That the Monarchy hadfallen and the Royal Family had disappeared.
Chapter 2
1. Describe Beverley and Tony Threadgold.
The man wears T-shirt and jeans, and the woman is blonde and fat, wearing clothes too small for her.
2. List five things the Queen observed in Hell Close.
Someone was burning car tyres, any house had all the windows unbroken, fences were broken too, there was lots of rubbish in the gardens andsome of the letters that formed the name of the place had disappeared.
3. What was the first problem for the Queen, Charles and Diana and how was it solved?
The problem was that the carpets they brought from their home were too much bigger than the apartments. They solved it letting Spiggy, a friend of the Thredgolds, cut them and rearrange them so they could fit in the rooms.
Chapter 3
1. Whywouldn't the Queen let Trish into the house?
Because she wasn’t properly dressed yet.
2. Why couldn't the Queen warm the room?
Because she didn’t have 50 pence.

3. Describe how the Queen injured herself and how she got out of her house.
She injured herself trying to open a tin of meat. The Queen had to leave the house by the window, because the door was still locked.
Chapter 4
1. Why didall the women visit Diana and what did this show about the people in Hell Close?
They visited her to help her with the cleaning. That shows the kindness and the support for all of the people that leaves in Hell Close
2. What things about family life in Hell Close were new for Diana?
The fact that they let the children go out at night.
3. What did Beverley teach the Royal Family?
How to maketea.
Chapter 5
1. How was Philip's new life affecting him?
He’s depressed, and stays in the house in pyjamas.
2. What important facts do we learn about Philomena?
She doesn’t like drinking and gambling, and she saw the Mother Queen once, back in 1927.
3. Why did Charles get involved in the fight between PC Ludlow and Beverly and what were the consequences?
Because Pc Ludlow was hurtingBeverly by grabbing her arm, and Charles defended her. Charles and Beverly ended up at prison.
4. What important task did Charles ask Diana to do and why didn’t she do it immediately?
He told Diana to call their lawyer, but she didn’t do it at that moment because she was watching Casablanca.

Chapter 6
1. Diana was upset about two things in court. What were they?
That she forgot to call theirlawyer, and blamed herself of Charles getting an incompetent lawyer. She also felt jealous when she saw Charles’ hand touch Beverly’s.
2. How was Anne different from the other members of her family?
Because she adjusted herself very well out of the Royal life style.
Chapter 7
1. Find four reasons why Queen needed money immediately.
`She didn’t want to keep depending of the neighbours’ charity,or borrow money form her grandson. And she doesn’t have any food and won’t have light soon.
2. Fitzroy promised his mother that he would never go into betting shop. How did he keep this promise?
He arranged so he could do the bets right through his phone.
3. Why did Fitzroy and the Queen Mother like each other and why were they both happy at the end of the chapter?
They like each other becauseboth of them gamble. And they’re happy because the gambling ends well.
Chapter 8
1. Why couldn't the Queen get her Emergency Payment?
Because when it was her turn on the queue, they closed.
2. How did the Queen finally get some money and what did she think made it impossible?
She said the money was for her dog and the cause they agreed was the dog looked hungry.
3. Compare the butcher's...
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