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This morningWhat time did you wake up?What time did you get up?Did you have breakfast?What did you have?What time did you leave the house?How did you get towork or school? |
Last SaturdayDid you go shopping?What did you buy?Did you go out in the evening?Where did you go?What did you have to eat and drink?Didyou have a good time?What time did you go to bed? |
Your last vacationWhere did you go?Who did you go with?How did you get there?Did you stay in ahotel?What did you do? |

Personal informationWhat is your last name?How do you spell it?Where are you from?Are you married?What is your phone number?What do youdo?Where do you work/study?How many languages do you speak? |
LifestyleWhat time do you usually get up?What do you usually have for breakfast?Do you drinkwater? How many glasses of water do you drink a day?How often do you eat fruit?Do you drink coffee? How many cups do you drink a day?Do you do exercise? Howoften? When?How many hour do you sleep? |
Which do you prefer? Why?Which do you prefer tea or coffee? Why?Which do you prefer the summer or the winter?Why?Which do you prefer traveling by train or by car? Why? Which do you pop or classical music? Why?Which do you prefer Saturday or Sunday? Why?Which do youprefer Italian food or Chinese food? Why? |

What do you think of……? Why?What do you think of an actor? Why?What do you think a TV. program? Why?What do youthink of a singer or group? Why?What do you think of a town or city? Why?What do you think of a politician? Why?What do you think of a sport team? Why? |
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