Prendas de vestir artesanales a eeuu

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  • Publicado : 6 de septiembre de 2010
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I. Executive Summary

In this report, we're going to release our marketing plan and work to become one of the Peruvian companies, better known in the textile world.

Due to major changes in the world is indispensable to be part of business competitiveness, which is why we must take as the key to this success the quality of our raw materials, and ultimately, our products.

Today when youmention someone Peru, automatically think of high quality products, such as our food, but especially our clothing.

The purpose of this report is to provide comprehensive information to the world about the quality of our garments, we want everyone to do the eyes in Peru, which grows slowly, we are able to compete with major brands the world of fashion, because frankly, we have nothing to envy.We let you, with this executive summary, because we want to show you, a little more than our company.

II. Background


Company profile

We are a Peruvian company, whose business is the textile industry, has as a fundamental aspect of textile export handmade in the United States and some European Union countries, making inroads into this country in differentvarieties of fashion and models.

We have an extensive list of artisans from different parts of Peru, we provide products with high added value, and thus achieve a leadership position and competitive advantages.


This is a closed stock company, we are 4 partners, and each made their contributions in money, goods and / or rights,and knowledge in different areas to develop, from the collection of crafts for our craft, to export them.

The administration and representation of society is made by the general manager appointed by the General Meeting of Shareholders.


Mariella Luján Elguera
Founder and General Manager

Founding partner of our Company with knowledge of International business inISIL and with a specialization in marketing. Ability to analyze and understand numbers.

Natalí Aricoché Villa
Founder and Administration Manager

Founding partner of our company with experience in the administration and management of marketing companies in ISIL. Advanced training courses and specialization in export in ADEX.

Luis Miguel Espinoza Moreno
Founder and Operations ManagerSpecialist in Systems and developer of solutions in Technology of Information and developer of pages Web of e-commerce. Knowledge of International business in ISIL.



Our main mission is the to develop the Peruvian art using the resources of the technology of the information like interactive bridge between the craftsmen of all the Peruvian regionsand the globalized world; it stops of this form to obtain the development and the well-being of our artists craftsmen with the improvement of his products and the improvement of his quality of present life.
To establish us as the main company of electronic commerce of the Peru that provides to the global market best select artisan products and of better quality from our country. OBJETIVES
Its business management will be based on the excellence and quality to position ourselves like the company leader in the Peruvian market that exports articles of cotton and alpaca fiber to the United States.
We will be a highly competitive, so that our products adapts to the highest specifications and quality standards at international level.
Achieving sustainable development byfacilitating the meeting and demand for new real and virtual markets and consolidate international market competitiveness.

III. Products: handmade textile crafts


Nature of our products

Our products are made of woven Pima cotton and alpaca fibers, because they have excellent characteristics and some of the competitive advantages we have in comparison to other, which are...