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*By the need to type letters ahcerles mail message for new students who join our salon?
I think it is necessary to make them feel good Swabian income since you come from different schools and youshould support them to not feel so ugly the change that is occurring

*as you spend on your vacation and think it is good they always do, because you like going on a trip?
I spend very well and if Imade just as students who also deserve a break because sometimes you leave school in a lot of work and need rest

*you imagine that the comments made by young people and their problems now and trusthim to teachers this correct?
I think sometimes it's good but when you know your teacher is deemed reliable but not necessarily be your teacher if not the person they trusted most

*believe thatthe changes that have occurred with technology are accurate?
Because on one hand if we can now do more new things but are also good previous technologies that served as models for this

*in whichyear Thomas Alva Edison died?
died on 18 October 1931 in new jersey

*that inventions made Thomas Alva Edison?
Invention takes many things and one of them was light and focus as you can call*Edison loved to live with his wife, sons and sisters including the other family?
whether because he was very close with his family and always likes to be with her

*In that year Thomas Alva Edison wasborn and where?
Thomas Alva Edison was born in ohio mila Use February 11, 1847

*georgina mazatlan study to become a professional man's career?
study tourism career so she can meet and travel toforeign customers

*date that Hurricane Katrina happened?
occurred on August 23, 2005

*when was the last time you saw your friend an where?
saw since they were kids and went to primary school*I was not born in and where is Lady Diana?
born on June 1961 in Sandringham and is in france

*In what year and where Octavio Paz was born?
Octavio Paz Lozano was born in Mexico City on March...
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