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Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin Jr., KBE (London, England, UK, April 16, 1889 - Corsier-sur-Vevey, Switzerland, December 25, 1977) was an actor, director, writer, producer and Oscar-winning British composer Hollywood.
With nearly 90 silent films and sound has evolved into the most representative figure of silent film, which has given him his fame and consideration of one of the great geniuses ofcinema history. His film abounds with classic images as well known as his own character. His children, Geraldine Chaplin Sydney Chaplin (1926-2009), is also devoted to acting.
The character around which built much of his film career, and gave him worldwide fame, was the Tramp (The Tramp, English, Charlot, in Italian, French and Spain, Carlitos in Argentina and Brazil): a man with refined manners anddignity of a gentleman dressed in a close jacket, pants and shoes largest of its height, a bowler hat, a cane and a distinctive mustache. Its distinctive walk swing, a marked emotional sentimental and melancholic disenchantment against the wickedness and injustice of modern society, made him an emblem of human alienation - in particular the emerging social classes.

Parents of Charles SpencerChaplin were singers and actors of varieties of Jewish origin, in time, reached a reasonable success. Especially the mother, Hannah Hili, the daughter of a shoemaker, petite, graceful and with a pleasant voice. The boy was born at eight o'clock in the afternoon of April 16, 1889 in London's East Lane Street, Walworth. It was a good time for the family. The father, Charles, had left home in pursuitof their hobby alcoholic, and Hannah was forced to maintain itself for their children Sydney and Charles. Was at the height of his artistic career under the pseudonym Lily Harvey, but his voice began to fail. In 1894, during a function in Aldershot, broke his chirping in the middle of a song. The employer sent the little scene Charles, aged five, who imitated the voice of Lily including the finaldemise, much to the amusement of the public. That was his debut.

Failure and lack of money upset the mental health of Hanna Hill, who began to show signs of loss. She and the children went to live in the haven of Lambeth Street. Sydney and Charlie attended school time for poor children in Hanwell, suffering its severe discipline and mockery of the more fortunate children. In 1896 the state ofHannah forced her into a hospital mental hospital. The following year, Charlie joined the Eight Lancashire Lads (The eight boys from Lancashire), a group of young actors were amateurs who toured the villages. Later became part of other traveling companies, and professional but very modest. In 1898 his father died, while Charlie Chaplin was a child actor and an expert. In 1901, twelve years,performed the role of protagonist in Jim, the Romance of a Cockney, and four years later he toured with The Painful Predicament of Sherlock Holmes. The year 1906 was fortunate for the young comic. It began with a contract in the Casey Court Circus as one of the first attractions, and ended with another contract for the company famous Fred Karno pantomime, which also acted as Stan Laurel.

Thebeginnings in Hollywood

At nineteen Charlie lived the first of many and intense romance, falling in love madly with the young actress Hetty Kelly. With Fred Karno's future Charlot had perfected and diversified its substantial resources mimic, and the director included in the troupe who was on tour to Paris in 1909 and the following year another six months by the United States. It was the time when MackSennett was a great success with his short film-goers and police officers, based on runs, exaggerated gestures, fighting with sticks and cream pies. Sennett sensed the cinematic possibilities of more sophisticated and complex mimicry of Chaplin, and when he made his second trip in 1912 convinced him to join his production company, the Keystone.

Chaplin in the Night in the Show (Charlot en el...
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