Preparacion del cuy asado en ingles

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|| |
|3 cloves garlic |Guinea Pig Intestines|
|Round 1 onion |3 sprigs of white onion |
|2 green onions|1 teaspoonannatto |
|1 pepper |2 teaspoonsalt|
|2 teaspooncumin |1 teaspooncumin |
|2 teaspoonsalt|4 ounces roasted peanuts |


For the selection of the Cuy should be noted that the animal is in very good health, not pregnant Cuyas,or old cuyes or sicks. The Cuy to be prepared , at least must be older than 6 weeks, if their size is very small is better to select another

For your sacrifice, subject to the Cuy with the handsand press the Cuy’s skull against something hard until the skull fracture.

Then the Cuy is stripped with hot water and viscera are removed, we proceed to prepare dressings to liquefy all theingredients and the preparation is flavored with the Cuy and allowed to stand overnight.


Once the Cuy macerated for 12 hours, is ready to be taken on the grill. Prepare the charcoal grill isinserted a metal rod or wooden failing stringing the Cuy, then place it over the coals where it cooks for an hour and a half, during which time it reaches its perfect cooking, once in a while it fuels...
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