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Internet activities
Nowadays everyone uses the internet , but it wasn´t used by the general public until the 1990s .one of the first things you could use the internet for in the 1990s was tosend e-mail and check your e-mail .then, many companies started selling their products on the internet , and people started to shop online . One important development was the creation of searchengines in became common for people to use a search engine to surf the internet and find information. Today, it is possible to play on line games, as well as download music or movie files. Avery popular internet activity today is to write a blog. Lots of people do this to let other people know what´s happening in their life.

Describing reactions.
Shocked upset about excitedabout amazed at angry about
Interested in worried about surprised by happy about

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Writing a blog is a very popular activity for young people these days.
Jamesis interested in downloading MP3 files.
We were very upset about the death of Michael Jackson.
In my opinion ,children spend too much time playing online games.
I´m really search engines about myvacation in the U.S.
There are many surfs the internet that you can use to find information on the internet.
I was excited at how good Jake is at using a computer – he´s only three!
Paul alwaysworried for an hour or two every morning before he starts work.
Can I use your computer? I need to check my e-mail.
I´m amazed about Jhohn.he´s two hours late.

Adjectives for describing the artssynonyms
Silly dumb
Amazing incredible
Dull boring
Incomprehensible inexplicable
Well-liked popular
Strange unusual
Terrible very bad
Modern new

Cultural activities
a) Architecture
b) Sculpture
c) Art
d) Paint
a) A reality shows
b) A musical
c) A foreign movie
d) A comedy show
a) A cooking class
b) A...
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