Prepare the future considering the past.

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|Course Name: Ingles V | |
|Module: 1 Prepare the future considering the past. |Activity: 1. Unit 2 Offices and Personnel. Part 3a to 5b. |

• Use question and answer to identify a method.
• Look for questions that ask to identify emotions.
• Use the question and answer to focus on specific dates.
• Look at the sentence to identify the prepositions. Then look what follows the preposition.
• Use the questions and answers to identify responsibilities. Look for the questions that begin with who toidentify the person who is doing something.


According to the homework instructions:
1- Copy the exercise in the student book and answer the questions.
a) Part 3. Strategy A. Page 12.
b) Part 3. Strategy B. Page 13.
c) Part 4. Strategy A. Page 14.
d) Part 5. Strategy A. Page 16.

2- Write the process that I follow to prepare myself for a jobinterview.
3- Describe two situations that happen at work and elaborate how the persons involve feels.
4- Make a list of 9 important things that I have to do in specific date markers.
5- Copy the exercise in the student book and answer the questions.
a) Part 3. Review. Page 13.
b) Part 4. Strategy B. Page 15.
c) Review. Page 18.

a) - Identify a method.Cross out those sentences which do NOT describe a method. Then, in the remaining sentences, underline the method.
1- How did you find the right application for the job?

A) Generally, my first step is to call the candidate and get some information from them.

B) The candidate did not have the necessary experience.

C) She was asking for too much money.

D) It´s best toreject unqualified candidates before interviewing them.

2- What is your secret for running a successful meeting?

A) The meeting is always run by the director of the department.

B) They are more successful when an agenda is distributed beforehand.

C) He tries not to keep them more than an hour and a half.

D) For the first time, every single employee was present.

3-How are employee’s references checked?

A) A background check is done for everyone.

B) A sales representative makes a cold call.

C) Brochures are sent out to the prospective client.

D) The office revenue was over $1.5 million.

4- How do you start to develop an advertising campaign?

A) After weeks of talks, they refused our terms of agreement.

B) Once we knowwho our audience is, we start to design a message.

C) New York advertising costs are some of the highest in the world.

D) We do extensive market research.

5- What is included in your background check of an employee?

A) All the employees’ files are checked for any negative incidents.

B) Anyone with unsatisfactory reviews is given a warning.

C) The supervisor’sevaluations are reviewed.

D) They were fired without notice.

b) - Identify emotions.

Read de line from a conversation. Then cross out the answer choices that are NOT possible.
6- “It’s my first time to run the staff meeting.”

How might the woman feel?

A) Corrupt

B) Worried

C) Appropriate

D) Apprehensive

7- “Dr. Lau is retiring after 45 years ofservice.”

A) Impressed

B) Energetic

C) Envious

D) Incensed

8- “John will receive his warning letter this afternoon.”

A) Dubious

B) Defensive

C) Defiant

D) Delighted

9- “The evaluations from the training session were returned with very negative and disapproving comments”.

A) Critical

B) Evasive

C) Disgusted

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