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What is a Preposition?
A preposition can be defined as a word or group of words that show the relationship between things in time and space. Prepositions are used with nouns, pronouns, or infinitiveverb forms, and although you might have heard they should never be used at the end of a sentence, this traditional grammar rule is more accepted today when the preposition is necessary to avoidawkward phrasing.

List of Time Prepositions

• after
• around
• as
• before
• between
• by
• during
• for
• past
• since
• until
• with• within
• since
• until

List of Place Prepositions

• aboard
• above
• across
• against
• around
• at
• at the back of
• at the bottom of
• atthe top of
• between
• behind
• below
• by
• in
• inside
• on the corner of
• in the middle of
• near
• next to
• to the left of
• to theright of
• on
• on the side of
• on top of
• on the other side of
• opposite
• outside
• under
• underneath

List of Direction Prepositions

• at
•into / out of
• onto, on
• from/ to
• left/ right
• below
• Over / under
• right
• through
• down/ up
• along
Prepositions should not be usedexcessively, and in fact should be cut from a sentence that makes sense after removing the preposition in question, whether the preposition falls at the end of a sentence or in the middle. The more concise thewriting, the less attention readers will pay to the way the sentence is written, and the more they can focus on what you're trying to say.


Match each job with the corresponding description1. Teacher a. a person who catches criminals and checks that people obey the law

2. Doctor b. a person who designs, buildings, roads, bridges, etc

3. Journalist c. a person who cures and...
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