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Longman Dictionary:

1 used when you are comparing two people, things, situations etc
as ... as
Tom's not as old as you, is he?
an old woman with hair as white as snow
Some of the doctors are paid almost twice as much as the nurses.
We work as hard as any other team in England.
Please let me know your decision as soon as possible (=as soon as you can).
His last album sold half amillion copies and we hope this one will be just as (=equally) popular.
*Spanish Equivalent: tan...como

2 used to say what job, duty, use, or appearance someone or something has:
As a parent, I feel that more should be done to protect our children.
A flat stone was used as a table.
Dad dressed up as Santa Claus.
*Spanish Equivalent: como, como, como/de

3 used to say what someone thinks orsays a person or thing is:
The problem is regarded as serious.
The result of last week's election will be seen as a victory for the right-wing government.
He's described as being in his late teens, tall, and of slim build.
*Spanish Equivalent: como

4 when someone was in a particular age group:
As a young man, Eliot had studied art in Paris.
I'll take you to all the places I loved as agirl.
*Spanish Equivalent: de, cuando

Longman Dictionary:
1 used to say exactly where something or someone is, or where something happens:
They live at 18 Victoria Street.
Does this train stop at Preston?
I was waiting at the bus stop.
Liz and her friend sat down at a corner table.
Turn left at the church.
We'll meet at Harry's (=at Harry's house).
I spent an unpleasant hour at thedentist's.
Dad's at work (=in the place where he works).
*Spanish Equivalent: en
at the top/bottom/end etc (of something)
At the top of the stairs, she paused.

*Spanish Equivalent: en lo alto, en la base, al final

2 used to say what event or activity someone is taking part in:
I met my wife at a disco.
The matter was discussed at a meeting of the finance committee.
I'm sorry, Pam's atlunch just now.

*Spanish equivalent: en

3 used to say that someone is studying somewhere regularly:
Is Jessica still at school?
Hulme was a student at Oxford in the 1960s.

*Spanish equivalent: ¿Aún va a la escuela?
Hulme fue un estudiante de Oxford en los 60
4 used to say exactly when something happens:
The film starts at 8 o'clock.
*Spanish equivalent: a

5 during a particularperiod of time:
My husband often works at night.
We go to Midnight Mass at Christmas.

*Spanish equivalent: en/por, en

6 used to say which thing or person an action is directed towards or intended for:
He gazed up at the sky.
You don't have to shout at me.
The older girls used to throw stones at me.
The course is aimed at those aged 16 or over.

*Spanish equivalent: a, -, -, a/para

7used to say what or who causes an action or feeling:
The children all laughed at his jokes.
I'm surprised at you!
Dad got really mad at me for scratching the car.
her distress at having to leave

*Spanish equivalent: de/con, con, con, por

8 used to say which subject or activity you are talking about when you say whether someone is skilful, successful, etc., or not:
Barbara's getting onreally well at her new job.
*Spanish equivalent: en
good/bad etc at (doing) something
I've always been good at maths.
Matt's bad at handling people.
He's an expert at making things out of junk.

*Spanish equivalent: en/con, para/-, para/-

9 used to say that someone or something is in a particular state:
two nations at war
Many children are still at risk from neglect or abuse.
*Spanishequivalent: en

10 used to show a price, rate, level, age, speed etc:
old books selling at 10 cents each
You should have more sense at your age.
The Renault was travelling at about 50 mph.
Amanda rode off at a gallop.

*Spanish equivalent: en/a, a, a

11 at your best/worst/most effective etc used to say that, at a particular time, someone or something is as good, bad etc as they can...
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