Prepositions combinations

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Preposition Combinations
Preposition combinations appear frequently and must be learned "by heart." There is no rule or reason why these words go together… They just do!
In fact, wordcollocations and preposition combinations are extremely important at the proficiency level of the English language.

The following combinations always appear together.
Verb - Preposition CombinationsAgree on (something) | We agree on that issue. |
Agree with (a person) | I agree with you in that matter. |
Approve of | Betty approves of exercising. |
Arrive at OR in | They arrived in Tokyolast night. |
| Have you arrived at a decision? |
Complain about | Please do not complain about the color. |
Consent to | She consented to her daughter’s marriage. |
Comment on | She commentedon his haircut. |
Consist of | Water consists of hydrogen and oxygen. |
Depend on | I am depending on you to help me. |
Laugh at | We laughed at his silly shirt. |
Object to | Do you object tomy smoking? |
Succeed in | He succeeded in making everyone angry. |
Some verb preposition combinations take two objects.
Compare… with OR to | Why compare me with ( OR to) my brother? |Excuse… for | I cannot excuse you for being late. |
Prefer… to | She prefers juice to milk. |
Remind… of | She reminded me of my appointment. |
Thank… for | I thanked him for letting me use his bike. |Adjective - preposition combinations with verb "be."
Be afraid of | Jake is afraid of dogs. |
Be accustomed to | I was accustomed to seeing her every day. |
Be aware of | Are you aware of thisproblem? |
Be bored with | Todd is bored with backgammon. |
Be certain of | He cannot be certain of the date. |
Be disappointed with | Susan was disappointed with her meal. |
Be familiar with| Is Doctor Jones familiar with that new pill? |
Be famous for | Michigan is famous for its Great Lakes. |
Be frightened by | Don’t be frightened by the dog, he won’t bite. |
Be happy with...
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