Present and past simple exercise

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Complete with the present simple of the verbs.
Take, like, visit, teach, study, travel, do, get up, go, Work,
1. Mr. Smith __________ in the Princess Hotel.
2. He ________________ atsix o’clock everyday-
3. He and his wife ______________ breakfast at 7:30 a. m.
4. They _____________ to work by car.
5. Mr. and Ms. Smith _____________ eat chines food.
6. After work, they like________ their friends.
7. Ms. Smith ___________ math at secondary school.
8. Mr. Smith ___________ French as a second language.
9. On vacations they _________ to Niagara falls.
10. In themornings, before work, they _________ exercise.

Complete with the verb in present progressive form.
1. Mary and Mike _____________ (study) in the same secondary school.
2. She ____________ (do) herhomework.
3. He ____________ (ride) bicycle to go home.
4. Paty _____________(call) to her mom right now.
5. Peter and I ________________(wait for) Mary to go to the cinema.
6. Juan_______________________(live) in Atlanta.
7. He ________________________(work) in a factory.
8. Peter ___________________(clean) his room.
9. Laura ___________________(wash) the dishes.
Complete with the verb insimple past.
1. Mary ________________(watch) T.V. yesterday afternoon.
2. Juan _______________(go) to the theater yesterday.
3. Liza ______________(buy) a beautiful dress on weekend.
4. Peter_______________(call) Marisa last Saturday.
5. John _________________(celebrate) his birthday last Sunday.
6. Carlos ________________(swim) in the river y his last vacations.
7. Professor______________(apply) a math test yesterday.
8. Karen ________________(brake) up with her boyfriend last month.
9. Gina _________________(do) her homework yesterday.
10. Leonardo ________________(clean) hisshoes the day before yesterday.

Complete with the verb in past progressive form.
1. Karl _______________(sleep) when the earthquake occurred.
2. My aunt _______________(cook) when Tom called her....
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