Present perfect progressive

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Exercise on Present Perfect Continuous or Progressive
Principio del formulario

Put the verbs into the correct form (present perfectprogressive).

1. He (work) in this company since 1985.
2. I (wait) for you since two o'clock.
3. Mary (live) in Germany since 1992.
4. Why is he so tired? He (play) tennis for five hours.5. How long (you/learn ) English?
6. We (look for) you for more than an hour.
7. I (live) without electricity for two weeks.
8. The film (run / not) for ten minutes yet, but there'sa commercial break already.
9. How long (work / she) in the garden?
Final del formulario

Benjamin Carson had a difficult life when he was a child, and even that,he has been an example foreverybody,
He has always studied medicine ; his exellent hand-eye coordination has converted him in a superior surgeon.
He has become in the Hospital´s director since he was 32 years old. He has beenfamous since 1987, when he separated a pair of siameses twins.
He has been innovating in medicine and he has been writing books.
These are words from the book he has written: “Think Big “


Talent: Our Creator has endowed all of us not just with the ability to sing, dance or throw a ball, but with intellectual talent. Start getting in touch with that part of you that isintellectual and develop that, and think of careers that will allow you to use that.

Honesty: If you lead a clean and honest life, you don't put skeletons in the closet. If you put skeletons in thecloset, they definitely will come back just when you don't want to see them and ruin your life.
Insight: It comes from people who have already gone where you're trying to go. Learn from their triumphsand their mistakes.
Nice: If you're nice to people, then once they get over the suspicion of why you're being nice, they will be nice to you.
Knowledge: It makes you into a more valuable person....
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