Present perfect

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Use the words below to make sentences in present progressive.
1. I / to read a book - _________________________________
2. it / to rain -________________________________________
3. he / to repairhis bike -__________________________________________
4. they / to watch a film -___________________________________________
5. the cat /to sleep on the chair -______________________________________6. Jane and Emily / to do their homework -________________________________
7. Bill / to wait at the bus stop -_________________________________________
8. we / to listen to the radio-___________________________________________
9. the children / to play a game -________________________________________
10. Laura / to walk the dog -____________________________________________
Choose thecorrect verb form from the dropdown menu and form sentence in the Simple Present or the Present Progressive.
1) John football at the moment.

2) We often tests at our school.

3) I to my teachernow.

4) Look! Mandy and Susan a film on TV.

5) Olivia her uncle every weekend.

6) Now the sun .

7) They sometimes poems in the lessons.

8) Listen! The band the new guitar.

9) FirstI , then I dress.

10) Every morning my mother up at 6 o'clock.

Put the verbs into the correct form (simple past).
1. Last year I____________________ (spend) my holiday in Ireland.
2.It_________________ (be) great.
3. I______________ (travel) around by car with two friends and we_________ (visit) lots of interesting places.
4. In the evenings we usually_________________ (go) to apub.
5. One night we even________________ (learn) some Irish dances.
6. We__________________ (be) very lucky with the weather.
7. It___________________ (not / rain) a lot.
8. Butwe___________________ (see) some beautiful rainbows.
9. Where_____________________ (spend / you) your last holiday?
Complete the table in past progressive.
positive negative question
It was raining....
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