Present simple vs present continuous

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A. Use simple present or present continuous with the verbs given

1. Shhhhh! Be quiet! The managers (have) _________________ a meeting in this moment.

2. We (offer) __________ 10 % discount onlyduring this month.

3. We (launch) _________________ our new product next week.

4. I normally (lunch) __________ at home, but tomorrow I (go) ________ to a restaurant.

5. We usually (hire)__________ from within the company but this time we (advertise) _____________ externally.

6. We (start) _________________ deliveries at 6 am everyday.

7. Usually, I (work) __________ as asecretary at ABT, but this summer I (study) __________ French at a language school in Paris.

8. The company (want) _____________ to achieve record sales this year.

9. The employees never rest onSunday but today Tim (have) _____________ a day-off.

10. Our subsidiary in Poland (know) ___________ the importance of a joint venture now.

11. Normally, I (work) __________ at home, but tomorrow I(go) ________ to the office.

12. They (dispatch) _________________ 500 units daily but this month (deliver) _____________ 800 because of the anniversary.

B. Complete the text with verbs from thebox. Use either the present simple or present continuous tense.

|Co-ordinate Attend Go Have Know Prepare Speak Think Travel Be |Sofia Grammatopoulus ________________ Marketing Manager at Kayavis Food & Wine S.A., an expanding medium-sized business in Thesslaloniki. She ______________ the work of a team of three people.Kayavis _______________ distributors in eleven countries in Europe and America, so Sofia often _______________ abroad. Next week, she _______________ to Canada to visit their new retail outlet. She_______________ Greek, English, and Danish. At the moment she _______________ an intensive German course because the owner of Kayavis _______________ of opening a shop and a large restaurant in Munich....
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