Present simple

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1) ¿ what does she dance?
R= she dances salsa and reggeton

2) ¿ what does he study?
R= he Studies english in a house

3) ¿ where does she live?
R= she lives in tejares of salomia

4) ¿ what does she finish?
R= she finish a dance

5) ¿ what does she listen?
R= she listens music

6) ¿ where does jump?
R= he jumps ina house

7) ¿ what does he fix?
R= he fixes a bicicleta

8) ¿ what does she spend?
R= she spends very jeans

9) ¿ what does she take?
R= she takes coca cola

10) ¿ what does she have?
R= she has a banana

11) ¿ what does he eat?
R= he eats Chicken

12) ¿ what do you think?
R= i think in my boyfrend

13) ¿ what does she teach?R= she teachs english in the park

14) ¿ what does he wash?
R= he washes the car

15) What does she speak?
R= she Speaks of the music

16) ¿ what does she read?
R= she reads a book of gabriel garcia marques

17) ¿ what does she drink?
R= she drinks ice of cream

18) ¿ what does he bring?
R= she brings a pie

19) ¿ what does he do?R= she do her homework

20) ¿ where does she run?
R= she runs in the house

21) ¿ where does he sleep?
R= he sleeps in a bed

22) ¿ what does she play?
R= she plays the basketball

23) ¿ what do you enjoy?
R= i enjoy a yogurt

24) ¿ what does she watch?
R= she watches tv in his house

25) ¿ where does the bird fly?
R= she flys in the parkPresent continuos

1) ¿ what is she dancing?
R= she is dancing salsa and reggaeton

2) ¿ what is he studing?
R= he is studying english a house

3) ¿ where is she living?
R= she is living in tejares of salomia

4) ¿what is she finishing?
R= she is finishing a dance

5) ¿ what is she listening?
R= she is listening music

6) ¿ where is he dumping?R= he is dumping in a house

7) ¿ what is he fixing?
R= he is fixing a bicicleta

8) ¿ what is she spending?
R= she is spendin very jeans

9) ¿ what is she taking?
R= she is taking coca cola

10) ¿ what is she having?
R= she is having a banana

11) ¿ what is he Eating?
R= he is eating Chicken

12) ¿ what are you thinking?
R= i am thinkingin my boyfrend

13) ¿ what is she teaching?
R= she is teaching in english in the park

14) ¿ what is he washing?
R= he is washing the car

15) ¿ what is she speaking?
R= she is Spears of the music

16) ¿ what is she Reading?
R= she is Redding a book of gabriel garcia marques

17) ¿ what is she drinking?
R= she is drinking ice cream

18) ¿ whatis he bringing?
R= she is bringing a pie

19) ¿what is he doing?
R= he is doing her homework

20) ¿ where is she runing?
R= she is runig in the house

21) ¿ where is he sleeping?
R= he is sleeping in a bed

22) ¿ what is she playing?
R= she is playing basketball

23) ¿ what is you enjoying?
R= i is enjoying a yogourth

24) ¿ what is shewatching?
R= she is watching tv in his house

25) ¿ what is she flying?
R= she flying in the park


1) ¿ what did she dance?
R= she danced salsa and reggaeton

2) ¿ what did he studied?
R= he studied english in a house

3) ¿ what did she livied?
R= she livied in tejares of salomia

4) ¿ what did she finished?
R= she finished a a dance5) ¿ what did she listened?
R= she listened music

6) ¿ where did he jumped?
R= he jumped in a house

7) ¿ what did he fixed?
R= he fixed a bicicleta

8) ¿ what did she spent?
R= she spent very jeans

9) ¿ what did she took?
R= she took coca cola

10) ¿ what did she had?
R= she had a banana

11) ¿what did he eat?
R= he ate Chicken...
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