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My Office

Like most offices, my office is a place where I can concentrate on my work and feel comfortable at the same time. Of course, I have all the necessary equipment on my desk. I havethe telephone next to the fax machine on the right side of my desk. My computer is in the center of my desk with the monitor directly in front of me. I have a comfortable office chair to sit onand some pictures of my family between the computer and the telephone. In order to help me read, I also have a lamp near my computer which I use in the evening if I work late. There is plenty ofpaper in one of the cabinet drawers. There are also staples and a stapler, paper clips, highlighters, pens and erasers in the other drawer. In the room, there is a comfortable armchair and asofa to sit on. I also have a low table in front of the sofa on which there are some industry magazines.

Comprehension Questions:
What do I need to do in my office?
A) relax B) concentrateC) study D) read magazines
Answer: ___b.concentrate_____

2. Which piece of equipment do I NOT have on my desk?
A) fax B) computer C) lamp D) photocopier
Answer: __d, photocopier

3.Where are the pictures of my family located?
A) on the wall B) next to the lamp C) between the computer and the telephone D) near the fax
Answer: _c. between the computer and the telephone4. I use the lamp to read:
A) all day B) never C) in the morning D) in the evening
Answer: ___c. in the evening__________

5. Where do I keep the paperclips?
A) on the desk B) next to thelamp C) in a cabinet drawer D) next to the telephone
Answer: _c, in a cabinet drawer

6. What do I keep on the table in front of the sofa?
A) company reports B) fashion magazines C) booksD) industry magazines
Answer: d. industry magazines


Is plenty



Afortunadamente en esta oportunidad los otros terminos si son conocidos..
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