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  • Publicado : 4 de diciembre de 2011
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Good morning, my name is Alvaro and I'm BPA's president and director. BPA comunication is a bussiness dedicated to marketing stuff and has more than ten people working for it bussiness. Today Pedrowill be joining me, as you may know, Pedro is an ABC newspaper journalist who will be asking some of the most common questions that may help several people . If you have any questions don't hesitateon interrupting and asking.

First of all BPA comunication is a bussiness created 3 years ago, it began with two bussines parterns. The first idea took place by creating a small company. Mainly, itall came from the moment I attended an enterprise in a company with similar goals.

This company is based on direct marketing, printing works, commercials, advertisements and bussiness gifts.Wecan't forget about our clients and their satisfaction.

This bussiness has been able to crate and print several adds that have afterwards become famous and well know, such as various adds from thephone company "Telefonica" and the automovil company "Hiunday".

BPA communication participates in many agreements with other related companies and has been able to look at the market from differentperspectives.

As mentioned before BPA has worked with companies such as EF, Repsol, Blackberry, H&M and others...

Since I've already introduced my company, we can move on to questions andconcerns.

P: "Hi Alvaro, how are you doing?"

A: "I'm fine, thank you."

P: "I would like to know if your products are also being distributed abroad or if it's considered a national idea."

A:"Well, Peter, that's a very good question since it's a main concern actually. Nowadays most bussineses with prestige are expanding worldwide. Due to this, we can connect with a variety of costumers andall kinds of clients around the world."

P: "So you are basing your products and company on your costumers, right?"

A: "Certainly, you are right, as usual costumers in Spain, are the main...
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