Presentacion ingles de energia eolica (wind power)

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• Wind power is the energy obtained of the wind, that is to say, the kinetic energy generated by effect of the air currents, and that is transformedinto other useful forms for the human activities. • The Aeolian term comes from the latin Aeolicus, pertinent or relating to Eolo, God of the winds in the Greek mythology.

About… Wind power

• Thewind power has been taken advantage of since the antiquity to move the ships prompted by candles or to cause to function the machinery of mills upon moving its reels. • Currently, the wind power isutilized chiefly to produce electric power by means of wind turbines. • The benefits of the wind farms in terms of global climatic change are well acquaintances, but according to the investigators ofthe University of Illinois also they can affect the local climate But now was known about an effect that can be negative and positive, depends on how be used: the turbines used for the obtaining ofenergy generate a change in the temperature of the places where they are located.

Wind farms can cause change in local temperatures

Wind farms can cause change in local temperatures

• Infinal, what cause is that aumente the temperature in the night and diminish during the day. • The scientists explained the change as effect of the turbines of the mills: the turbines generate a turmoil inthe air around them, what does that the upper air descend and that the more close to the land rise, generating a change in the temperatures this could be positive in areas where the frosts nocturnaltemperatures are a worry for the development of the agriculture with the risk of Losing the crops on account of the changes of temperature. In the event that the change of temperatures be negative forthe locality.
The scientists propose two options: to develop turbines that generate less turmoil or to move them to areas that already have changing temperatures, thus the effects would feel less...
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