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Do research on reliable sources and developthe following aspects:
1. Do some research on the possible health problems due to the long-term use of the contraceptive pill.
2. Do some research on the human papillomavirus (HPV), and theattack mechanism against the human organism.
3. Explain the reason why there are carriers of the virus (HPV), who do not develop the disease. Mention the cases in which cervical cancer may bedeveloped due to this virus.

1. The dosage of hormones has decreased over the years; subsequently the risk associated with birth control pills has declined tremendously.
• Pills maycause nausea, breast tenderness, irregular spotting, weight gain, mood changes or headaches.
• Blood clots are a potential risk . Two in 10,000 women will experience blood clots as compared to onein 10,000 women for those who do not use oral contraceptives.
• You should not use oral contraceptives if you have a history of stroke, heart attacks, blood clots, liver disease, breast cancer...
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