Presentation techniques

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What Makes a Good Presentation?

Look at the following list of elements. How important are they when making a presentation? Discuss their importance. Are some more important than others?

Using your voice effectively:

Speaking clearly, at the right speed and volume with good use of rhythm and pause

Communicating with correct body language

Remainingconfident yet relaxed and using eye contact and gesture to engage your audience

Ensuring you are prepared

Preparing before the presentation so that you feel comfortable to talk using brief notes

Organising your information

Making sure that the content has a clear structure, the parts are linked together, timing has been considered and your talk is relevant andinteresting.

Handling visual aids professionally

Creating relevant diagrams and charts which can be easily read and support the message appropriately and effectively.

Making contact with the audience

Establishing clear objectives which match audience expectation and which involve and stimulate an audience

Think about the last presentation you saw. Whatfactors made it successful?
How Formal?

Task 1

Today, the majority of presentations are delivered in a fairly informal style. However, some expressions are a little more formal than others. Look at the lists below and match the formal expression with its informal equivalent. Which expressions are you most familiar with?

Quite Formal

• Good morning/afternoon/evening ladies andgentlemen
• My name’s …
• On behalf of … may I welcome you all to …
• I’d like to introduce myself. I’m …
• As some/all of you already know, …
• I’m responsible for …
• I’d like to begin by discussing/presenting …
• If you have any questions you’d like to ask, I’ll be very happy to answer them during the presentation
• I’ll be happy to take any questions at theend of my presentation

Quite Informal

• Hello everyone.
• I’m …
• Welcome to …
• As you know …
• I look after/ I’m in charge of …
• I’ll start by talking about/giving you …
• Today I’m going to talk about / What I’m going to talk about is …
• Feel free to ask questions as I go along
• There’ll be plenty of time for questions at the end.

ExplainYour Objective

A range of verbs can be used to explain your objective. Using the verbs below, put them in the correct sentences. Remember to change the form of the verb if necessary and check that you are using the correct collocation or word partnership. Some verbs can be used in more than one sentence

analyse show suggest put forward provide give explain

introduce tell focus on makelook at highlight

1. The aim today is to _____________ you with some background information about our proposed merger.

2. My objective this morning is to _________________ what I see as the main advantages of this new system and ______________ some detailed recommendations regarding its implementation.

3. This afternoon, I’m going to be ______________ you how the new on-line purchasingsystem works.

4. The objective of this presentation is to _______________ how we can achieve our target sales in the next 6 months.

5. It’s clear that our subsidiary company is experiencing some problems at the moment, so this morning I want to _______________ the situation and _________________ some possible solutions.

6. In my talk today I’m going to be ________________ you to our latestsoftware package, Actis.

7. Today’s talk should _____________ you a clearer picture about our current financial position.

8. Today, I’m going to ___________ you something about the history of the company and ______________ why we decided to make the decision to outsource our manufacturing in the Czech Republic.

Explain Your Structure

The easiest way to explain the structure of your...
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