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I You He She It We You They am are is is is are are are reading reading reading reading reading reading reading reading I You He She It We You They

am not are not is notis not is not are not are not are not dancing dancing dancing dancing dancing dancing dancing dancing

Am Are Is Is Is Are Are Are I you he she it we you they writing? writing?writing? writing? writing? writing? writing? writing?

To talk about actions happening:
- now, at the time of speaking; - around the moment of speaking, not necessarily this very moment; -in a near future, especially for planned actions.


Gerund = Infinite + -ing
drink + ing = drinking watch + ing = watching listen + ing = listening

1. E.g.:

have –having write – writing

2. E.g.:

die – dying


nline English Class –

3. E.g.:



am I are you is he is she is it are weare you are they


I am You are He is She is It is We are You are They are

dancing. eating.

A. Build sentences following the examples.
James / eat / a cake James is eating acake. James / not eat / a cake James isn’t eating a cake. James / eat / a cake / ? Is James eating a cake?

1. I / read / a comic book ________________________________________________ 2. You / not /study / Maths ________________________________________________ 3. He / run / very fast / ? ________________________________________________ 4. Sam and Gillian / listen / to music________________________________________________ 5. She / play / volleyball ________________________________________________


nline English Class –

B. Now look atthe example and write questions and answers.
The baby / cry Q.: What is the baby doing? A.: He is crying.

1. Mrs Lewis/ bake a cake

Q.: ____________________________________________? A.:...
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