Presidentes de estados unidos

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George Washington: 1789 - 1797
Washington started gaining decorations arming troops of Virginia's colony to support the British Empire during the French indigenous War (1754-1763, one conflict that he inadvertently helped to initiate.

John Adams: 1797 - 1801
As representative of the Congress in Europe, he was one of the principal negotiators of the Agreement of Paris (1783) withGreat Britain, and one of the principal persons in charge of the obtaining of bankers' important lendings of Ámsterdam.

Thomas Jefferson: 1801 - 1809
His eminence comes given because he was the principal author of the Declaration of Independence of the United States of 1776. Jefferson was one of the most influential Founding Parents, known by his promotion of the ideal ones of the republicanism inthe United States.

James Madison: 1809 - 1817
He was the fourth president of the United States. Attorney, politician and one of the most influential of the " Founding Parents " for his contribution to the draft of the Constitution of the United States, to such a point that is nicknamed " The Father of the Constitution ".

James Monroe: 1817 - 1825
Before coming to the presidency it got outof a jam itself as soldier, attorney, continental delegate of the congress, senator, governor, secretary of condition and secretary of defense.

John Quincy Adams: 1825 - 1829
It was diplomatic and was involved in numerous international negotiations. In addition, like Secretary of State, Monroe took part in the creation of the Doctrine

Andrew Jackson: 1829 - 1837
Jackson fought very youngin the War of Independence of the United States, in which it lost to all his family.

Martin Van Buren: 1837 - 1841
He is also the only president not to have spoken English as his first language, having grown up speaking Dutch, and the first president from New York.

William Henry Harrison: 1841
He was the president first in expiring during the exercise of his government. His death markedthe decline of the Party Whig. He was a paternal grandfather of also President Benjamin Harrison.

John Tyler: 1841 - 1845
He was elected a member of the legislative assembly of Virginia when it had 21 years of age.

James Polk: 1845 - 1849
He promoted the expansion towards the West. It claimed Oregón, signing with England the agreement of partition in 1846, and the condition of Texas (1846)managed to be annexed

Zachary Taylor: 1849 - 1850
Taylor stood out for his great military path and for being the first president of the United States who was coming to the post without having being chosen before for any other public post.

Millard Fillmore: 1850 - 1853
It finished the mandate of his predecessor Zachary Taylor, who died as a result of a gastroenteritis or a heart attack. Hewas a member of the Party Whig and of the Anti-Masonic Party.

Franklin Pierce: 1853 - 1857
To the end that his party denied the nomination to him for the second mandate (being this the only case in the history of USA in which a president in exercise loses the nomination of his party to choose to the second mandate)

James Buchanan: 1857 - 1861
He was the only president who never married, andthe civil only one of Pennsylvania chosen to recover the post.

Abraham Lincoln: 1861 - 1865
Lincoln supervised narrowly the result of the war up to his end, especially the selection of better personal details, including Ulysses S. Grant.

Andrew Johnson: 1865 - 1869
He was the only senator of the South who did not leave his position to the secession, and turned into the most prominentdemocrat it exwanders of the South.

Ulysses S. Grant: 1869 - 1877
It achieved international reputation on having led the Union in the American Civil war, capturing Vicksburg (Mississippi) in 1863 and Richmond in 1865.

Rutherford B. Hayes: 1877 - 1881
He did not appear again to the presidential choices of 1880, supporting his promise of which he would not appear to the second mandate....
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