Presidentials elections chile 2013

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  • Publicado : 30 de agosto de 2012
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What people really want
The thing with the presidential elections is that the candidates don´t interpret what people really want or need. They tend to move their political promises just in order togain votes and be more popular than their opponents. For example, they enter in typical political discussions such as abolish the binominal system or continue with it, and compulsory or voluntaryvoting, giving priority to obtain victories in these discussions in order to gain recognition from their pairs and obviously from the people who vote. Another resource is to talk about the weaknesses inthe opponents’ ideas.
This continues happening while the citizens, the people who choose the president, express their real concerns through surveys, the only way to express them and which doesn’tensure that they will be heard.
What I propose, is to make a survey in the whole country to detect the things that people want and need and then elaborate a list based on it with the most repeatedissues expressed by the people. This list would be obligatory used in the political projects of the presidential candidates.

Based on the inform of the CEP from December, 2011, Chilean people wantedmore a solution for Poverty and destitution (25%) than a discussion about the binominal system (2%) and most of citizens (53%) saw in education of a good quality the way to improve their personal andfamiliar development and not much in better salaries (25%). Also according to the CAS survey (2009), 15 % of the people were living in poverty and 3,7% in extreme poverty conditions. What is more,according to the current economical numbers, poverty and destitution will involve an 11% of the population by the 2015.
The time is ending for the government of the President Piñera, the presidentialelections are coming and the year 2013 will be the scenario for a new fight to be the President of Chile. I sincerely hope that the candidates consider what people really want when elaborating their...
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