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  • Publicado : 13 de enero de 2011
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The forgotten style secret of the gentlemen
Ok, I admit that, for more than a year since I’ve been studying style, I’ve learned A LOT. I learned how to adjust even the smallest details of my outfits for maximum effects. I’ve learned how to match my outfits for great results, how not to throw away money on expensive clothes, how to pick what’s right for me, how to organize my closet, how to takecare of my clothes…

But did all these things that I’ve learned improve my life THAT MUCH?

I thought so. In fact, I was convinced, until some day that I heard of this so-called rule. Here it is:

80% of results come from 20% effort.

What does this mean? Basically, if you want to get to a certain result and you need to do, say, 100 things (or tasks to achieve it), by doing the mostimportant 20 things from those 100, you will already achieve 80% of the benefits of that result. Obviously, by spending the other 80% of your efforts, you will get the remaining 20% of the benefits. There are some situations where this rule may not apply. For instance, if you want to compete for the Olympic Games, where you need to be very strict if you want to be sure to win, this rule will not work.But it DOES apply in style. When it comes to style, you don’t have to wash all your shoes every night, fold every sock after some complicated method or to measure your tie’s length to reach exactly at the middle of your belt while you’re standing up. It WOULD be nice to do all those things but… who has time to do all of them? So then I started searching for the one thing that, if done well, wouldmake a difference in anyone’s style. I made it a goal of mine to extract from the gentleman’s outfits the ONE THING that separates them from the rest. I particularly looked at those who had a habit of being the center of attention, those who got respect and admiration wherever they went. I’ve looked at hundreds of different pictures of men in various outfits from different periods of time then Ilooked at today’s celebrities to see the similarities. Then I thought of the outfits that I myself had worn lately and I correlated them with good or bad reactions from those around me.

You know the sayings: It’s in the details or Small details make all the difference? They apply very well in style. But if you don’t take care of the big things, especially the one I’m about to reveal to you,small details won’t make any difference at all. It’s so simple even I couldn’t believe it that I didn’t figure it out earlier. I pondered about my most recent outfits and, sure enough, I was making use of this secret WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING IT. Regardless of whether you want respect, admiration or just to feel good in your own skin, the thing that makes all the difference is this:


Color isthe key element to any outfit. It’s the ingredient of which, if you consider it and make use of it, you can get instant results even after your first session of shopping for your new stylish wardrobe. If you were to go shopping right now and combine colors in such a way that they match each-other and contrast with your skin complexity, you will attract more eyes than someone who is wearingexpensive black clothes. That’s right. There are many important things in style but this is the secret ingredient. It’s true that fit is king. A piece of clothing should be neither too small, nor too large. But I’m sure you already knew that.

You obviously try all your clothes before making a purchase so, someone telling you that fit is king isn’t going to help you that much, is it? If your outfitsare boring, so are you. You can shine your black shoes all you want, wear the same jeans with simple black t-shirts. A guy who knows how to match colors is like a speaker: he knows how to make himself heard and express his personality.

Color is personality.

I’m sure that you are now thinking: ok but if I wear my blue jeans with a white sweater with red stripes, doesn’t THAT mean that I have...
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