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Glossary of business terms
Adjective (adj) Headwords for adjectives followed by information in square brackets [only before a noun] and [not before a noun] show any restrictions on where they can be used. Noun (n) The codes [C] and [U] show whether a noun, or a particular sense of a noun, is countable (an agenda, two agendas) or uncountable (absenteeism, advertising). Verbs (v) The forms ofirregular verbs are given after the headword. The codes [I] (intransitive) and [T] (transitive) show whether a verb, or a particular sense of a verb, has or does not have an object. Phrasal verbs (phr v) are shown after the verb they are related to. Some entries show information on words that are related to the headword. Adverbs (adv) are often shown in this way after adjectives. Region labels Thecodes AmE and BrE show whether a word or sense of a word is used only in American English or British English.

absenteeism n [U] the problem of employees not being at work when they should be accessory n [C] a small thing that you add to a house, clothes etc to make them look more attractive account n 1 [C] an arrangement between a customer and a bank that allows the customer to pay in and take outmoney 2 accounts [plural] the official financial records of a company, person etc accountant n [C] a professional whose job is to keep the financial records of an organization, or to advise clients on financial and tax matters ad n [C] an informal word for advertisement administration n [U] the activity of managing and organizing the work of a company or organization advert n [C] BrE an informalword for advertisement advertise v [I,T] 1 to tell people publicly about a product or service in order to persuade them to buy it 2 to inform people publicly that a job is available and invite them to apply for it advertisement n [C] a picture, piece of writing, or film that tells people about a product or service in order to persuade them to buy it advertiser n [C] a person or organization thatadvertises their products or services advertising n [U] 1 telling people about a product or service in order to persuade them to buy it 2 the companies that prepare and sell advertising, considered as an industry advertising campaign n [C] an organization’s programme of advertising activities over a particular period with specific aims, for example to increase sales of a product agenda n [C] 1 alist of the subjects to be discussed at a meeting 2 the things that someone considers important or that they are planning to do something about aggressive adj 1 an aggressive plan or action is intended to achieve its result by using direct and forceful methods 2 an aggressive person or organization is very determined to achieve what they want application n [C] 1 a formal, usually written, requestfor something, especially a job, a place at university, or permission to do something 2 a practical use for something 3 a piece of software for a particular use or job apply v 1 [I] to make a formal, usually written request for something, especially a job, a place at university, or permission to do something 2 [T] to use something such as a law or an idea in a particular

situation, activity, orprocess appoint v [T] to choose someone for a particular job appointment n 1 [C] an arrangement to meet someone at a particular place or time 2 [C,U] the act of choosing someone for a particular job, or the job itself approximate adj an approximate amount, number etc is a little more or a little less than the exact amount, number etc – approximately adv assertive adj behaving in a confident way inorder to get what you want asset n 1 [C] something of value belonging to a person or company that has value or the power to earn money 2 assets [plural] the property, equipment etc owned by a business considered together, as shown in its balance sheet attend v [I,T] to go to an event such as a meeting award n [C] a prize for good performance in a particular activity background n 1 [C] someone’s...
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