Preventative health care importance

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  • Publicado : 24 de agosto de 2012
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Preventative health care
In this days people live worried about all kind of different things like bills to pay, the children, the work, the car, the house, the school and the list gets bigger andbigger, but we don’t give us time to think about our health and how to keep it, in our priorities health is on the last numbers and some times in the last number, and that’s wrong, I think that peopleshould change their priorities, putting in the first place the care of their health, in other words they should be applying the preventative health in their lives every day, this includes avoidingalcohol use or using it in moderation, avoiding smoking and drug abuse, controlling any diseases or disorders, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or high levels of cholesterol in the blood,controlling weight, getting daily exercise and getting proper nutrition; even if it sounds strange if we apply all this things in our daily life it will help us attending our other responsibilities.
Some ofyou can think, that this is wrong, maybe you think that the first priority should be your children, and well, it is true that the family is very important, but your health should be above your familyin your priority list, I know that this can sound irresponsible or selfish, but is not, think about this you care a lot about your family and you want them to always have everything what they need,like food, school, a house and also you want to spend time whit them, but if you’re sick, how are you going to work to give all this necessary things to your family or how are you going to spend timewith them, if you are not healthy you can’t work as well as you as if you were and if you can’t work, who is going to earn the money to provide all the necessary things for your family?, how do youpretend to spend money whit them if you’re not healthy?, as you can see to take care well of your family you have to be healthy.
For the ones that think that the priority number one should be to pay the...
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