Primera guerra mundial

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The Great War
One of the main events that changed the course of the world’s history had an impact that no one had imagine it would had, some nations fall on the development of it and of course, someothers raise from nowhere.
Thinking that war is the best choice for a nation to gain power and make a powerful hegemony, leaders’ nations look for a reason that cause war; revenge, anger, jealousyhappened to be the worst enemies of a nation, that kind of emotions had caused unimaginable and catastrophical human acts. One of those acts is The Great War, a stupid selfish-way of thinking of theGermans that end up in a slaughter of innocent people.
At the beginning of the twenty century, rivalry between the Germans and the British was raising; a lot of tension was in the air. The thoughtsof a greedy nation to defeat the most powerful empire of that time were shaping in the wrong direction.
Two of the main reasons for war to start were, first the imperialism, “a political expansionof rule over foreign countries.”Germany was jealous of the empire that the British had so they wanted it to take it away. And the second reason was capitalism, Germans just didn’t want to take lands,they also wanted to obtain goods that would bring them a productive nation. It was a matter of time for Germany to find the perfect excuse to initiate a war.
The spark that set off the Great Warwas the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir of the Austro-Hungarian throne, and his wife, in Sarajevo, Serbia. This incident caused the anger of Austria, arguing that Serbia was guiltyof their heir’s death, and one thing led to another. Austro-Hungary government allied with Germany and declared war on Serbia on July 1914, at the same time Serbia was allied with Russia.
“The besttest of proof of national superiority is war” Germany and other nations took advantages of the nationalism as a cause that speed up the war. Whilst an arms race was been made up, powerful fleet of...
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