Princess eyes

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One day out of school a Mr. in a red Datsun and a classmate named Mario invited him into the car and take to school Mr. accepting the term. The driver showedthem some magazines containing grotesque, "pornography", the immediate treatment to lose the car and do not achieve a fellow named Ariadne girl's best friendincoming helped them escape, José Carlos ran off, but Mario went after her without being able to reach it.
José Carlos came home very angry, disappointed,frustrated, and began to write his feelings, after a while got up and went to find a book that could clarify their thoughts without finding her mother came in andasked which was the he had, he began to tell him but warned him before not to go to get angry when I'm done he told his mom he did not know how to get all thatfrom her mind and she responded to search for the love that was all that could change lives .
He saw the girl standing there facing new entry on came and startedtalking, after a few seconds asked his name and told interrupted Sheccid your name, I explain that it was called the princess of a story that his grandfather,after declaring his love was gradually accomplishing nothing.
A few days later they were all in the main square of the school, told Sheccid that had beenprepared to recite a poem for her, when you go play you forget everything and ran the place.
Jennifer I reach the teacher, he told her he did not want him out toconsole that did not need and would never try. She talked with him and told him that he would be prepared to do it once more and convinced to do it again.
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