Principios de diseno

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Dominance relates to varying degrees of emphasis in design. It determines the visual weight of a composition, establishes space and perspective, and often resolves where the eye goes firstwhen looking at a design. There are three stages of dominance, each relating to the weight of a particular object within a composition. * Dominant: The object given the most visual weight, theelement of primary emphasis that advances to the foreground in the composition. * Sub-dominant: The element of secondary emphasis, the elements in the middle ground of the composition. * Subordinate: Theobject given the least visual weight, the element of tertiary emphasis that recedes to the background of the composition.

The concept of unity describes the relationship between the individualparts and the whole of a composition. It investigates the aspects of a given design that are necessary to tie the composition together, to give it a sense of wholeness, or to break it apart and giveit a sense of variety. Unity in design is a concept that stems from some of the Gestalt theories of visual perception and psychology, specifically those dealing with how the human brain organizesvisual information into categories, or groups2. Gestalt theory itself is rather lengthy and complex, dealing in various levels of abstraction and generalization, but some of the basic ideas that come outof this kind of thinking are more universal. Closure Closure is the idea that the brain tends to fill in missing information when it perceives an object is missing some of its pieces. Objects can bedeconstructed into groups of smaller parts, and when some of these parts are missing the brain tends to add information about an object to achieve closure. Continuance Continuance is the idea that onceyou begin looking in one direction, you will continue to do so until something more significant catches your attention. Perspective, or the use of dominant directional lines, tends to successfully...
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