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A Sad Reality

It was October,
A cold winter night,
Howling wolves in the distance interrupt the quiet time,
…“Oh no!” They said to each other,
There it is,coming again.
It was a man, but also a wolf
…Ahooow!…howls the beast
…Yes they were all right, was he coming again?
The beast.
It will be another terrifyingnight.
He has to be hungry.
Another person from the city is going to be his dinner.
Everybody feels afraid because of this
But nobody can or will do anything…It’s the law of life.
The nutritional cycle has to continue.
The beast has to eat…
No matter who his meal is.
the town is waiting for it
They had a hope that he waspoisoned one time before
But it was not true.
The worst part is… the wolf-man likes fresh meat.
Another kid?
Unfortunately it is so
The number of children isdecreasing every Halloween.
So sad for…
Very sad for the villagers.
The other part of the beast was someone that the people loved, the bishop
Moreover this man wasthe most sensitive person the villagers had ever met.
Offering mass every day during the day, supporting and advising anyone in need
The most pure soul, atransparent soul, who had won the affection of all
Yes sad, very much
Because of this the villagers won’t kill him consciously
They were letting him stay alive,
Why?Because of the real story behind it,
The wolf-man hasn’t memory at full moon…
Even he suffers a stomachache.
It is true,
He doesn’t remember what he did thenight before.
There is another regular day for him,
Sharing, cheering and loving people from the village
Even a belch he gets after a the bestial dinner he had
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