Prioridades de mexico

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  • Publicado : 8 de junio de 2011
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Jaime Bautista Gonzalez 16/08/10

Priorities of Mexico

Relations between countries have changed, there are new actors, and new ways of doing business and new factors thataffects the countries, so there is a need to the countries to change or modify some policies.
I think that Mexico should stop looking just at USA as the principal trade partner, there are countriesthat are emerging and gaining power, maybe not as powerful as USA, but there are becoming a great opportunity to make business and political relations with them. Maybe there is time to stop being justthe labor force of USA and start being more participative on the decisions making.
Mexico should start to diversify his economy or the dependency of USA, as we have seen if something happens in onepart to the world it affects to everybody, so Mexico need to diversify his economy, so it does not suffers a lot if something happens. Start to solidify his own economy; his own industry so does nothave a huge need to trade with other countries, so if there is an international crisis it does not affect a lot.
In these days the most important is to be on the vanguard of everything and it is justpossible if you have an educated population. So is a priority for Mexico to start making huge changes on their educational system, start planning on long term and betting a lot on education, because thelack of it is the reason of most of the problems that are in Mexico. Mexico should not only improve the educational system but also create new job opportunities for young people that is entering tothe workforce each year and that their see how their dreams are frustrated when they do not have opportunities for them, pushing them to seek other ways to earn money that often is not only informaleconomy but they become potential criminals.
Mexico should make it clear that it is a democratic country and improve their processes to make them clear and efficient. Establish a true democracy that...
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