Prison break resumen

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  • Publicado : 31 de enero de 2011
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First of all we saw action research, Michael’s brother, Lincoln, was set up and condemned to death penalty. So Michael started to makesome research in order to get in the prison and make whatever he could to get his brother out of prison and avoid his murder, so this is howaction research is mentioned during this episode.
Another research showed in the episode is the Basic research, Michael made manyresearch in order to acquire knowledge of the situation and of how to break a prison, specially the prison in which his brother is living. Soit could be guessed that in order to get his brother out of prison, Michael should have made some basic research in order to know how todestroy things and know how to break this prison.
At last I will mention clinical trials, Michael in order to get his plan done, madesome research in order to know what does he needs to be near the nurse and also what did he need to get his exams positive so in that way hecould get her confidence and ask her some kind of favor like living the door opened the night that their going out of prison, so this iswhy I mentioned this kind of research. (I saw the whole television serial).
This and other types of research are the ones that during thepast days we have been learning. I hope everything I learn during this class could be very useful and could help me during my life.