Prisoners of the amazon

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Prisoners of the Amazon
Chapter 1
The large aeroplane on the runway, ready for its first flight. The route planned was from Miami, Florida to Buenos Aires , the capital of Argentina, a distance of 7.102 kilometers. Several representatives from the travel industry and many newspaper reporters had been invited to celebrate the plane's first flight. Chief flight attendant, 25-years-old CathyJones, and a small crew were there to greet them, dressed in elegant red uniforms. As the plane was practically empty, the passengers were allowed to sit where they wanted. Twenty-there-year-old Jane Dixon a newspaper reporter, decided to sit alone away from everyone else. The slim ,blonde young woman was a little nervous. This was the first time the Washington sentinel one of the largest newspapersin the US, had given her such an important reporting job. Her usual job was writing about events such as weddings or birthdays. Finally, the last passenger arrived _the plane’s designer, Wilhelm brunt. brunt was one of Germany’s most famous Aeroplane designers , but he was not a very pleasant man. He Pushed past cathy and sat down across the aisle from jane Without saying sorry for keepingeveryone waiting, he took a Book from his briefcase and began to read Brunt had designed a new kind of commercial plane, one That would seat 500 passengers. It had all the comforts of an Executive plane; a gym large bar-restaurant armchair-style Seats and every luxury imaginable. Now after five years the Plane was complete and this was its first flight. Captain john gates introduced himself andhis co-pilot Michael smith , over the loudspeaker. He welcomed everyone on Board while the flight attendants did a routine check of the Plane.
After they had checked that everything in the cabin was Secure, they were ready for take off. The plane accelerated down the runway with a loud noise from the engines. soon they had taken off and were in the air. Once the seatbelt sigs had been turnedoff, the passengers were allowed to move freely around the plane. They were Enthusiastic about the flight and were looking forward to trying The gym and having free drinks at the bar-restaurant. Brunt observed the passengers carefully. He was interested In their reactions to his new plane. As time went by he seemed Less and less happy. Finally, he stood up and went to the bar. Can I have yourattention, please? Brunt called in a loud voice.The passengers put down their drinks and turned to listen to him In case you do not know me , I am wihelm brunt , the Designer of this amazing aircraft. I wish to remind you that You have all been invited here for one purpose only -to Experience my new creation for yourselves and to promote it to Passengers around the world. You are not here just toenjoy the Free drink in the bar and to exercise in the gym. I am sure you will all write very positive reports about my aeroplane.
Brunt returned to his seat, leaving behind a group of surprised reporters .
Wow he is a very unpleasant man, said jane to brian, the reporter sitting next to her.
Yes. Answered brian. Who does he think he is? If he wants us to promote his aeroplane, he should tryto be a little more pleasant to us. I am going to have another drink.
There hours later, the captain informed the passengers that they would soon be flying over brazil and the amazon rain forest. Brian had had quite a few drinks and was a little drunk.
He decided to make conversation with brunt, so he went over to the bar. Where brunt was standing.
I must say one thing. Mr. Brunt, said Brianwith a drink in his hand. The drinks on your air craft are very good.
The drinks? Exclaimed brunt he was furious. Is that the only thing you can say about my aircraft? Get away from me, you drunken idiot. Brunt pushed brian away from him the reporter fell back with the wine glass still in his hand.
Come this way, sir said cathy taking brian to his seat. Then she went into the cockpit to speak to...
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