Private or public school?

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  • Publicado : 25 de octubre de 2010
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Private or Public School?

For all the parents the most important decision when their children grow up
is search for the best education. That is a very hard decision because all
parents wantthe best future and select the best school is a very good way to
start. There are two types of schools, private school and public school. When
the parents are searching for the best education theyhave to take care of
many aspects before making the decision, for example the location, the
prestige, the cost, the syllabus or curriculum and other important things.
Three of the most relevantaspects to consider are the academic level; the
methodology to teach and the facilities the different schools offer.
When we talk about the academic level it is very difficult because in CostaRica, the Ministry of Public Education is responsible for both institutions to
offer the best education. In the academic level it´s important to take care of
the quality of education because in thepublic schools we can find a very
good education but in my personal opinion these schools are not demanding
for the students, but in other way in the private schools the academic level is
higher,that happen because the demanding level is more than the public
school, that is because the parents are making an inversion and they expect
that inversion back, so the students have to learn moreand obtain the best

Another important point is the methodology to teach; a lot of experts think
that one of the most important aspect when parents are searching for a
school; isthe qualification of the teachers; as a result if the teachers have
excellent preparation the students will learn more. It is important to know
that in the public school the teachers are assignedby the MEP in the other
hand we have the private school where the principal search for the best
professionals. In my personal experience I think a good way to measure the
level of education is...