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Universidad de Monterrey
Bicultural Program
Math IV
Objective: Research how conic sections (circle, parabola, ellipse and hyperbola) are used in devices that help usin our daily life.
Due date: April 23, 2010
Evaluation: 10% of the third month’s grade.
Individual work
*Project description:* Build a model of a device (it may be medical, scientific,household, or any kind) that makes use the properties of one of the conic sections. Research about the device; include topics like uses, inventor and when it was invented. But most important, researchabout the conic section property that it uses and describe thoroughly how the device works and explain in your own words why it works.
For the model, you can use any material that you like, likecardboard, hardboard or any other that you choose, as long as it is sturdy. You must build your device. Bought devices will not be accepted.
The report must be typed, and will include:
Cover pageRubric
Theoretical frame
An introduction prepares the reader to understand the topic of the report.In the form of paragraph it should answer the questions: What is the topic of the work? What is the purpose of the work? What information is expected to find? What is the order of the report? Whatmathematical and technological tools are going to be used in the development of the work?
Theoretical frame
Written as a paragraph and in your own words you will answer the following questions. Ifcopy paste is detected, a grade of zero will be awarded.
What is your device and what does it go?
Who invented it?
Write a historical background of the time when the device wasinvented, i.e. what year was it created, what was the situation at the time, both in the country and in the world (war, poverty, lack of technology, etc.)
Conic section used and how it...