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Animation is used to visualize the motion of a mechanism or a mechanical assembly in operation. Pro/Animation is carried out by coordinating the components of an animation sequence andplaying back the animation. 1. Starting Animation a) Start Pro/E and open Tutorial2b.asm assembly b) Click Applications > Animation. The screen will change with the important addition of an areabelow the main graphics window as shown in figure 1.

Figure 1 c) Click Animation > Animation or on the toolbar to create a new animation. The animation dialog box opens as shown in figure 2. Acceptdefault and click close.

Figure 2 2. Creating the motion sequence:

a) Click Drag icon

and the Drag dialog box opens as shown in figure 3. Press

the camera icon to create Snapshot1. Select apoint on part3 by clicking with the left mouse and move to specific positions, and then take snapshots as shown in figure4. We have just defined 5 events that need to be turned into an animation.Figure3

Figure 4

Snapshot1 position

Snapshot2 position

Snapshot3 position

Snapshot4 position

Snapshot5 position on the toolbar or Animation > Key Frame Sequence. The Key Frame b)Click Sequence dialog appears as shown in figure 5. Type Tutorial2b in the name field. Below Key Frame Snapshot1 should be listed and time 0.000. In the dialog press to add this Snapshot1 to theanimation. Then select Snapshot2 from the list and change the time to 2 and press again. Add Snapshot2,3,4,5 to the animation. Design Animation interpolates between these key frames to produce a smoothanimation.

Figure 5 c) Click on the toolbar or Animation > Start to run the animation.

3. Saving and Viewing Results a) Click on the toolbar or Animation > Playback to run the animation and viewresults. The Animate dialog box open as shown in figure 6

Figure 6 b) Click to play or click Capture to save animation file as shown in figure 7.

Figure 7 c) Click to view animated simulation...
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