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The stress is a symptom that affects great part of the persons in the whole world, due to pressures that are had in the daily life. Hence, it manifests as a download inour agency product of the accumulation of physical or psychological tension. In this process, there take part almost all the organs and functions of the body, besides, when this symptom occursreflects that we are carrying a frantic pace. Therefore we should analyze the effects that cause it and implement solutions to this problem.
Stress is a state of physical and psychological fatigue of theindividual, caused by an excess of work, emotional disorders or anxiety disorders. Moreover, a on tension load on the body can cause the onset of diseases and pathological abnormalities that preventthe normal development and functioning of the human body. As a result of this, it presents some problems like, the forgetfulness (incipient memory problems), mood disorders, nervousness and lack ofconcentration. In addition, women may produce important hormonal changes such as, swelling of breasts, lower abdominal pain in between antidotes symptoms.
Therefore, this problem can be handled if youfollow some solutions. The first solution is to organize the time. For example, you can make a list of the activities you have to do, and make an schedule with them. The second solution is to developactivities. You should try to get out of the daily routine at least twice a week. Besides, you can do it thorough visit a farm or practice a sport. Also, the maintain a healthy diet, have at least twoattacks of laughter to the day, chewing gum and take time for relaxation by the games of tables helps prevent this symptom .
In addition, if you are working or studying must be flexible. For instance,many people do not take time to have their lunch or to go to the restroom. Hence, it is important to take time for you necessities. Additionality, the breathing exercises are a good solution...
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