Problemas sociales

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  • Publicado : 23 de agosto de 2012
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Did you know that nine hundred thousands childens get bullied everyday?
That just show how bad is it, today i came here to talk about bullying, bullying is when someone keep doing or saying thing tohave power over another person. Some of the ways they bully other people are by:
* Calling their names
* Saying or writing nasty thing about them
* Leaving then alone
* Making themfeel uncomfortable or scared
You are probably wondering what different types of bullying are? Stadistics show that there are six different kinds of bullying: Physical, verbal ,indirect ,social,intimidation and last but not least cyber bullying. The verbal bullying is the most common because it is not as easily noticed as a physical a bully can be a person that is big or someone small, it justdepends on what type of bullying we are talking about. Bullying even makes you feel like you are sick or somethinh wrong is whith you.Bullying can occur in situations including in school orcollege,university, the workplace by neighbours and also between countries.
Whatever the situation the power structure is tipically evident between the bully and the victim.It seems to those outside therelationship that the bullys power depends the relationship that the bullys power depends only upon the perception of the victim,with the victim being too intimidated to put effective resistance. Bullying isbehind most claims of discrimination in the workplace. Have you ever bullied or been bullied? If you have bullied or been bullied then ypu should know how bullying feels like. Bullying is very negativeand creates problems for our society.Nothing good comes out of bullying. It could very well change a persons life.In fact it does change many people lives. Kids can be mentally scarred if they arebullyied often. Even worse, they could be killed or fatally injured if the bullying gets extreme. There are many causes for bullying which must be taken care of before bullying cant be stopped. TV...
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