Problematica de la inflacion

Luca Cornali

Fraz. Anghebeni di vallarsa, 35 Born the 09/19/1983 in Rovereto
38060 (Trento) Italian nationality
+39 3336010503 Single
+1 949 228 4825Driving licence acquired

| Education|

Since Sept. 2007 UCI Irvine – Paul Merge school of business (USA)

Since Dic 2005 Trento university – Faculty of economy(ITALY)
Specialisation course in managment and enterprise consulting

Jan – Jun 2005 CERAM Sophia AntipolisEcole Superieure de Commerce (FRANCE)

Sept 2002 – Nov 2005 Trento university – Faculty of economy (ITALY)
Dic 2005 Italian first leveldiploma scored 110/110 (thesis)

Sept 1997 – June 2002 Scientific college ITI “G. Marconi” (ITALY)
June 2002 Italian baccaloreat scored 100/100

Aug 2000 – Feb 2001Iisalmen college (FINLAND)

| Work Experience |Since Jan 2006 “Studio Matassoni” – Rovereto (Italy)
Director’s assistant in a professional studio. Apprenticeshipspecialized in managment, finance and consulting of small and medioum companies.

Jun 2005 – Sept 2005 Museum “Croiseur Colbert” – Bordeaux (France)(intership) Marketing director’s assistant and shop seller into a french museum for the summer season. Studied the financial situation of the company for the thesis.

May 2005...
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