Problematica del desequilibrio ecologico en los ecosistemas

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Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla
Facultad de Lenguas
TCU 204 – Ingles
Examen Extraordinario
OTOÑO 2006
TOTAL DE EXAMEN: 100 puntos
Nombre: _______________________________
Matricula: __________
PARTE A: GRAMATICA Y VOCABULARIO 1.- Completa el párrafo utilizando: A, THE, o O.I used to live in (1) ___ Paris. The capital of (2) ___ France. The city is near (3) ___ River Seine. I lived in (4) ___ north of Paris on (5) ___ bill in a very attractive pent-house. I remember, at night I often used to walk along (6) ___ river and look at all the beautiful buildings. I often think about it. I think French peopleare very intelligent; they have produced (7) ____ lot of famous artist. I also think (8) ___ French is (9) ___ most difficult language I have ever tried to learn, because it is so learn, because it is so different from (10) ___ English.
a) Have appeared b) has sold c) has sent d) went e) has had f) came g) studied
h) Hastraveled i) has lived j) traveled k) has won

Has traveled

II.- Escribe sobre la línea la letra que corresponde a la respuesta correcta
Joana Trollope (11) ___ to South Africa, Australia: Egypt, and the West Indies last year, but she (12) ___ to many parts of the world. She (13) ___ many awards and several of her stories (14) ___ on TV. Her first book (15) ___ out in1980. Since then, she (16) ___ more than million copies. She (17) ___ to school in the south of England, and (18) ____ English at oxford university, but she (19) ____ in the country for most of her life. She writes her books by hand. She (20) ____ the same pen since 1995.
III.- subraya la respuesta correcta.
21. Take a seat while you wait. The doctor wills is / be ready in the minutes.22. They have just / ever had baby. 23. You must phone me as soon as you’ll get / you get your exam result. 24. I hope to see you while I’ll be / I’m in London.25. Marina is study economics at / on a prestigious university. 26. Bye I’ll phone you when I get / I’ll get home. 27. I’m going to bed when this TV programmed ends / will end.
IV.- complete el espacio con la infinitiva ogerundio de los verbos en parenthesis.
Andrew Walter, 28, who is planning to give up his well-paid job a computer programmer to go and work with mountain gorillas in Africa has the following plans: he decided______ (28, sell) his house, because he wants _______ (29, do) something different. He’d like ______ 30, study how the gorillas live and he hopes ______ (31, write) a book. He needs _____ (32,do) something different and he doesn’t mind ______ (33. Live) in difficult conditions. He’ll miss seeing his friends because he is crazy about (34, go) _______ out a lot, but he has promised ________ (35, write) to them every week.
v.- Ordena las palabras para formar oraciones correctas. 36. in/have/been/you/play/ a/in____________________________________________________________

________________? 37. In / weather / wonderful / is / France / south / the / of / the ____________________________________________________________

________________? 38....
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