Proceso de mango

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  • Publicado : 3 de septiembre de 2012
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Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

Instructions to the Master of M/V: APL LIMA 047NB

The fruit loaded on board this vessel in the refrigerated compartments:
APRU 572538- 3 or containers (list container numbers on attachment) and indentified by the enclosed documents is to receive cold treatment while enroute to the TAIWAN in accordance with requirements ofForeign Plan Quarantine of TAIWAN

The treatment consist of two parts:
1) Cooling the fruit down to the selected cold treatment temperature
2) Holding the fruits at or below the selectedcold treatment temperature of the stipulated number of days.
The temperature recording instrument must be in operation during the entire precooling and treatment period so as to provide a continuosrecord of the fruits pulp and air temperatures.
Printouts of each sensor (air and pulp) are/required at least once every hour during the precooling and treatment. All equipment must be in workingorder when leaving the Port of Departure or the treatment will fail VESSELS both pulp and air sensor readings *MUST* remain whithint prescrived treatment schedule in order to achieve a successful coldtreatment. The recording shall not be terminated until so directed by the USDA clearance official at first port of arrival in TAIWAN.
The vessels officer, responsible for the intransit coldtreatment, should continuosly review the temperature record and sign the chard or log sheet at least once each 24 hour period, noting the date and time.
One set of accompanying document should be turnedover to the USDA clearance official, and one is for your records.
The treatment schedule to be used for this shipment as required under 1.5 °C is for your records.
To be filled in and initialed by issuing official.

Temp Fahrenheit Temp Celsius
34.7 to 1.5 19...
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